sweet friend

You are in good hands and will be well taken care of, loved on, and adored. I'll pour my whole heart into making sure you get photos you treasure. It's my goal to create a comfortable space that allows you to relax into being yourselves so we create stunning imagery of your life. 

I have always been passionate about art, in any medium, but photography has become my favorite. 

I'm a photographer based in Northern Virginia who travels anywhere and everywhere to capture love.

I'm pam

Somewhere in an album is a photo of the floral sheets on my bed when I was 8; I would have never remembered them on my own but I think there is something so beautiful + cool about them being memorialized. My favorite days were the ones where we went to pick up our developed film. We'd pile on top of each other to look through the photos, photos we'd never seen before because there were no digital screens to show us the results immediately. We had to wait. We drank the magical elixir of anticipation. Somewhere along the way, my dad must have handed me the camera, and I never really put it down. 
That special kind of magical photo anticipation--that feeling? Is something I want to recreate for you. Together, we will capture some of your favorite photos of all time.

He considered himself a historian more than an artist but he loved taking photos of everything. 

Growing up, my dad always had a camera with him.

I see the world in potential photographs, I look at light like it's where someone belongs, I see spaces like love should be happening inside of them.

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Capturing the little details like how hands touch each other or the little dimple by his lip, how you smile at each other. Photos that would spark joy in my chest in 40 years. Photos I would show my children’s children and they would be in awe at and that would live on long after me. I will always put my whole heart into our time together because I know the weight photos can carry. I love lively, energetic photos and quiet, darling ones. We will play and have fun during our sessions, but somewhere in the back of my mind, always, is the reminder that these photos are not just for today.

it's simple: take photos I would want and that I would want for my loved ones

My philosophy

"Her images aren’t just posed awkward photos with forced smiles. They are works of art. I was lucky enough to stumble across her work on Facebook and since then she has photographed every milestone in our lives; our wedding, maternity, family. Every image completely takes my breath away. If all that wasn’t enough, she is the sweetest genuine soul who makes you feel so at ease during the whole process. With other photographers I’ve worked with in the past, I had to hope they were getting something good and then we came away with maybe one or two photos we liked. With Pamela, every picture is beyond all expectations."
-Lydia + Terrance 

She captures memories, emotions, and feelings with such stunning talent.

"Our engagement shoot with Pam proved to be a fun and light-hearted experience. She captured our vision perfectly. On the day of our wedding, she was incredibly supportive and allowed us to be present, while also making sure to capture authentic moments. We absolutely love Pam’s work and would recommend her to anyone looking for a personable, creative, and authentic photographer!" -Rebekah + Sam

"Pam has a beautiful spirit and
makes you feel so comfortable"

She is so genuine and passionate about her photography and truly treats every client like family. I love her eye for light and balance, and she is a pro at coordinating families with many moving pieces like babies, toddlers, pets, diva husbands 🙂, etc., and she uses her expertise with her surrounding scenery to grab the perfect moment(s) on camera. Pam is a warm, caring, joyful soul to work with before and after a shoot as well, and you can really see in the finished product how she puts in the extra time in the beginning to capture each subject’s essence." -Monica + Steve

"Pam is our #1 go-to photographer for capturing moments that we
wish could go on forever."

"Pamela truly is a remarkable talent. She captures the feeling of her subject and the spirit of the moment. Her ability to connect with her subject and put everyone at ease produce a truly magical product. She has documented so many special moments between my son and me, and each time my breath is taken away by the images she captures." -Kelly

"The photos she takes go well
beyond simply capturing a moment" 

The depth of expression in her photography and the way she's able to capture even the most subtle and delicate of emotions in a moment, rather than merely just taking a great photograph, has always impressed me. Most photographs are taken for the eyes to witness, but Pamela captures them for the heart to feel and remember and I just knew that whether or not she did weddings, I wanted her to shoot mine! I got married this past September and my husband and I truly adored working with Pamela for our engagement + wedding photos. She lived up to the dream - and more! -Liz + Austin

 "Pamela captures them for the
heart to feel and remember"

your handwriting the way you walk which teacup pattern you choose it's all giving you away everything you do